Monday, September 04, 2006

Holy Matrimony

We are gathered here, this day, to witness the holy matrimony of Sandeep and his beloved Canon EOS 350 D Digital Rebel XT (Blacky for short).

R: Sandeep, do you take blacky as your lawfully wedded wife and ensure that you stick with her through sickness and health, through high memory and low battery?
S: Yes, I do.
R: Blacky, do you take Sandeep as your lawfully wedded husband and bear his amateurish overtures?
B: Yes, I do.

If anyone has any objection, speak now or be silent forever!

R: You may shoot the bride.

here i am

here i am,
sitting in my cubicle -Musing
here i am,
sitting in my cubicle,
Wish i was boozing

here i am,
staring at the screen -Sitting
here i am,
Staring at the computer screen, Sitting
Wish i had eaten more during the break,
Could have been shitting

here i am,
punching the keyboard
here i am,
punching the keyboard, ouch
I am bored

here i am,
writing this stupid "poem"
here i am,writing this stupid "poem"
Bake me for dinner,
In your microwave oven