Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lady in red

Lady in red, walking the plank.


Little fly thy summers play...


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vichaarane - I

It is quite ironical that it is self-intererst which generates wealth, and it is the same self-interest which brings about apathy and indifference, and it is also the same self-interest which generates wealth which is needed to put people out of their monetary-misery. So, what you are trying to achieve in the end is that you are trying to put people out of monetary-misery, but what remians to be seen is how the attitude of the people benefitted will be after their resurrection - will they be apathetic and indifferent too? To put it simplistically - will self-interest take over the poor once they are rich?

And so now, for every "development professional" who is out there - trying to bring about credible "change", after having given up materialistic pursuits, finds the very same people who were helped to get better education and better jobs, chasing the same material goods.

Different people have different aspirations :)