Friday, January 12, 2007

The Interplay between Decision and Chance

Cruising down the all too familiar lanes of my locality with random thoughts about world domination and Susheela Raman and the travails of a working middle-class guy in my head, I am assailed by this feeling of uncertainity - about the consequence of my routine decisions; Decisions which i would categorise as not-so-important. For example, when I was cruising down the lane, I had to either take a left or a right to proceed further to my home. Now, it really did not matter if I took a left or a right, I would end up in my place with all my bones in place in either case alright! - a not-so-important decision. Or is it?

How different would have my life been if I had taken that left instead of that right ?

Everyday decisions - throwing out garbage, taking your dog out for a walk, buying provisions, "every breath you take, every move you make"